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Haridwar Places to Visit

Jakhoo Hill

The greatest point of the location is Jakhoo Hill Shimla that is covered with Alpine forest. At the top of the flat hill is the colourful Jakhoo Brow and the newly created Hanuman statue. Jakhoo Slope Shimla is a popular get away from for visitors wanting peacefulness and calm from metropolis far below. Walking up to the hill requires approximately 30 minutes and follows a nice route, just beware of the unlawful minded monkeys that are waiting to rob holiday of food and bright objects!

Haridwar Places to Visit

The Ridge

The Ridge is a wide open avenue situated on the side of nearby mall road. It is famous for several things, but best known for shopping. This place is a delight for a myriad of vacationers, and the old English establishments beckon visitors from throughout to this centre of the pretty hill place.

The Ridge is not simply a market but also the social hub of the city. The road is layered with cafes, bars, retailers, shops and restaurants appealing to the huge crowd that go to the famous Mall Road. It works from east to western world on the side of the Mall Road and connects it to the famous Scandal Point on the west end. Upon the east end, it is linked to the Lakkar Bazaar, which is the most famous solid wood crafts market in Shimla.

The Ridge is the most recognised face of Shimla. It is often the most photographed part of the hill train station covered with pine, firs, Himalayan Oak and Rhododendron trees. Shimla's rich recent is evident from the Gothic buildings browsing this part of the town. Browsing Ridge will surely make you impressed if you are enthusiastic about record and architecture.

Haridwar Places to Visit

The Shimla State Museum

The Himachal State Museum is situated on the Mall Highway and has unique collectors items like ancient coins, art and other handicraft items, the aesthetics of which are influenced by the Pahari form of fine art.

The museum also has a doll gallery which has several wedding couple plaything among many others which are admired by all visitors. Some archeological artifacts are also available here which include stone images from the 8th 100 years.

Haridwar Places to Visit

Summer Hill

Summertime Hill is a tiny town on the outskirts of Shimla, the state capital of Himachal Pradesh at a height of 2, 123 meters. It is on a hill, 5 km west to the Shimla Ridge, and is section of the seven-hill cluster.In the past, Summer Mountain has offered residence to Mahatma Gandhi, who remained here at the Georgian mansion of Rajkumari Amrit Kaur during his Shimla visits. Also known as the Potter's Hill, these pine and deodar laden slopes have many quaint residences, like one belonging to the category of noted painter Amrita Shergil (1913-1941).

Haridwar Places to Visit

Indian Institute Of Advanced Study

The Indian Institute of Advanced Study is housed in the famous Viceregal Lodge situated on top of the Observatory Hill. Viceregal Lodge is also called Rashtrapati Niwas. The building was constructed between 1880 and 1888 during British reign. The year 1965 saw the establishment of Indian Institute of Advanced Study here by Dr. Radhakrishnan.